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and in this corner, Google Voice - concordia discors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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and in this corner, Google Voice [Mar. 12th, 2013|08:18 pm]
New bike No it's a Now it's Kingsley moving the cruise around and listen to him Okay Okay hello mushroom pickles okay fucker Hahahaha oh I like you Can even go up Will go up hello what's going on mushroom badger kittens Well what's going on much better today Oh I see keeps using the same direction of the Google Voice Recognition thing turning on and off

Okay lol I'm getting Why do girls ready for round 2 So ever since Christmas I'm actually taking the Android well Mike my tablet and I'm trying to dictate to it And it seems to be missing but you gotta admit it's a helluva lot more coherent in the atrocity but you with this yesterday It is its foreign are you I wouldn't necessarily use it to write a technical Manual or anything like that but it seems to be cute is a simple conversation recorder and it's awesome Okay I said misty not awesome Misty misty No Nifty but not misty back Google bad Okay to come out well so will look it going

What's a it's only 50 percent accurate in the better but at the same time you got a minute to help a lot better than the word sounds we went to yesterday Speaking of how work is been interesting But you're a meeting for me because I actually have to work 3 days overtime and And it's not worth it so umm I'm stopping to pick up the pieces of some stuff with the MS was my phone Indeed again the dictation has gone off track so Anything makes it so much for doing the Virginia Company Google Wow I have no idea what's going on there So well hey homie About the calipers and a a Blu ray reader I've been looking at video animation send someone bring stuff in samples of 4 21 I'm about to leave Intense be like like anything other than before so hopefully it's amusing and rewarding a little Anyway um Okay Google thing is its very interesting And it needs to recordings for the sports because it's starting to have the middle of your sentence So I love I don't know that is Me with No ima be a MMA fight Okay that's totally wrong totally totally totally wrong But still um who is this phone on words with friends Geng DUI in Well it actually got a few letters right now 2 I've been playing Batman in Skyrim and that's about it Oh and I got this um NFL head coach 09 and I'm glad I thought since I've got more than that much So I can barely hear sweetie its conclusion Thankfully this old school fuck is blocking my view can see me a lot but it just said anything Oh and it doesn't help that I have a funny my brother right now I'm getting sick but um it's perfect timing By the time for us to get anything specific that I actually Say Okay Enough of this message Joe

[User Picture]From: endersgame3
2013-03-13 09:40 pm (UTC)
Batman in Skyrim

If this mod doesn't exist, it needs to. Immediately.
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[User Picture]From: sigma7
2013-03-14 12:05 am (UTC)
God, agreed.

I used to be a city guard like you, then my parents took a bullet in the heart.
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[User Picture]From: endersgame3
2013-03-14 02:23 pm (UTC)

I really am going to have to do my next Elder Scrolls game on the PC. Its where all the fun is at, haha.
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