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Picspam, replacement-referee edition - concordia discors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Picspam, replacement-referee edition [Sep. 26th, 2012|03:52 pm]

I feel almost bad for the NFL's replacement refs. They know not what they do. Roger Goodell, however, and his cabal of tightwad owners, can collectively choke on a bottlecap. God, I miss Ed Hochuli's riventing soliloquies.

No original content contained herein and no ownership implied; all material ganked from the farthest reaches of the Internets. If unsatisfied with picspam, please return unused portion of post for a full refund. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see a doctor. For a free written transcript, hit CTRL-P. Reports are the refs might be back for this weekend's games, but even so, this season should go down with as big an asterisk as the '87 season with replacement players. Still, at least we have a season. Might not be any hockey this year at all. ...Eh.

Originally posted to my Dreamwidth account as LJ has just been flagged for illegal use of wharrgarbl, fifteen yards and a loss of derp. You can comment there using your LJ login as an OpenID, or here. Either's good.

[User Picture]From: patchsassy
2012-09-27 01:47 am (UTC)
One positive thing about the NFL Replacement Refs...lots of funny memes.
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[User Picture]From: sigma7
2012-09-27 03:15 pm (UTC)
Part of me is gonna miss them. But I hope every home crowd in the league gives the old crews a hell of an ovation when they take the field.

And I'm sure the league has learned a lesson in humility and will...eh, okay, maybe not.
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