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Picspam, Tumblr-dry edition - concordia discors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Picspam, Tumblr-dry edition [Jul. 13th, 2012|05:54 pm]

I think I'm going to start emphasizing my Tumblr-flavored content a bit more. I'm enjoying it. Might start to do periodic pre-picspams, might even move the picspams there altogether. Am open to ideas.

Also, many thanks to the collective Internets (especially mindset for the viral liftoff) for the 46K image views, almost 17K reblogs/likes, 3349 video views and 118 video likes of Venger Venger Hulk. Y'all have made my day. Hope I contributed to yours.

No original content contained herein and no ownership implied; all material ganked from the farthest reaches of the Internets. If unsatisfied with picspam, please return unused portion of post for a full refund. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see a doctor. For a free written transcript, hit CTRL-P. And nobody found the Easter egg in the VVH video yet?

Originally posted to my Dreamwidth account as LJ is settling in for a nice long weekend of doing nothing productive and enjoying it. You can comment there using your LJ login as an OpenID, or here. Either's good.

[User Picture]From: patchsassy
2012-07-14 03:53 am (UTC)
That post sums up my illustrious soccer career in a nutshell, which is likely why I only played for one summer. :/

BTW I friended you on Tumblr. :)
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