sigma7 (sigma7) wrote,

Boycott the Manchester Grand Hyatt

The link seems to be down at the moment (probably my fault), YAY, it's up again, but it bears repeating and propagating to the four winds of the Internet: boycott the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Difficult during Comic-Con, but no less necessary, as Andrew reminds us:

It is unfortunate that money spent by that audience is being used to line the pockets of a gay rights opponent. One might charitably assume that most of the pros who make this mistake are doing so in ignorance. Hopefully they will not remain in ignorance, and having recognised their error, will be happy to redress the balance through their work. After all, as of this week they cannot claim neutrality. They can either stand by their support of Doug Manchester and Proposition 8, or they can stand against it.

Sorry I'm late to the show. Been a busy week.
Tags: comics, geekery

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